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AlfaClock Free 1.99

AlfaClock Free 1.99 is a program that enhances your taskbar clock

AlfaClock Free 1.99 is a program that enhances your taskbar clock.
It will add to the tray clock a fully customizable clock display, alarms, time synchronization, popup calendar, time speaking and more.

Once installed, AlfaClock will change the appearance of your taskbar clock. You can then customize it, by right clicking over the clock and choosing the Preferences option.

You will then be able to modify the format, layout and system setting of the clock, by choosing the first clock in the menu.

The second clock will allow you to set the Atomic Clock preferences. You can set the program to correct the time based in Atomic Clocks periodically.

The third clock lets you specify the settings for the Talking Clock (Interval, Snooze, What to Say).

The fourth clock is devoted to set the Alarm Clock preferences. You can add or delete alarms, choose sounds to play or files to launch.

The fifth clock allows you to set your preferences for the Calendar (Highlight Dates, Weeks Begin With, Font, Colors).

Daniel Ángel Romero
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